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Discussion on the impact of new energy electric vehicles on environmental protection
Category: Industry News
Date: 2016-06-26
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Author: 管理员
In modern society, the popularity of traditional cars is increasing. Almost every household has a car, but I did not expect these cars to pose a great threat to energy and environmental quality. Therefore, the voice of industry reform is very high. According to relevant surveys and analysis, the number of Chinese civilian vehicles is expected to reach 95 million in 2015 and 145 million in 2020. The popularity of traditional vehicles poses a great threat to the energy and environmental quality of modern society. Therefore, the voice of industry reform is very high, and the development of new energy vehicles has become a turning point in the development of the automotive industry in recent years. Pure electric cars and hybrid electric vehicles have become the development direction of new energy vehicles in China. According to the demand for new energy vehicles, the impact of new energy vehicles on the entire grid system is minimal, and the new vehicle charging demand will not have a significant impact on the overall grid capacity. In terms of carbon dioxide emissions, CO2 emissions per vehicle will be reduced by 52% compared to conventional vehicles. Since the carbon dioxide emissions of the automotive industry account for about 16% of China's total carbon dioxide emissions, by 2020, by the assumption that pure electric vehicles account for 10% of vehicle ownership, the replacement of electric vehicles will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the entire automotive industry. %, thus, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the automotive industry will lead to a 1.5% reduction in China's total carbon dioxide emissions. In general, pure electric vehicles have become an irreplaceable development direction for new energy vehicles in China. Therefore, the importance of promoting the use of new energy electric vehicles cannot be ignored, and it is also closely related to everyone's future life.
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